What is 1:1 coaching and is it for me?

You feel overwhelmed.

You want to feel connected and grounded.

You care too much about what others think, and it causes you to freeze.

You want to release the power others hold over you.

You want to go for those things that have been dancing around in your heart and mind, the things you KNOW you were made for.

You have a fear of failure, and you’re tired of not making some waves in your life.

You want to break free. You want to make mistakes, you want to get messy but you are not sure how to do it in a way that will support your previous experiences.

In coaching with me…

We build out a thought framework to help you create thoughts that are inline with the life you want.

We play with different movement and nervous systems techniques and find which ones suits you and your experiences best.

We develop the ability to “notice” subtle shifts in your body.

We build up the “observer”.

We get CLEAR on your values and figure out where you are totally in line with them and where we can work to get you lined up.

Outcomes you *might* expect

Stronger boundaries

Inner fortitude

Kinder, more gentle relationship with your body

Ability to handle stressful times

Have a plan for when hard times hit and you’re in a “low low”

Feeling more grounded and connected with yourself and others

In action towards your goals and dreams

Make more money

In a relationship that feels expansive + loving

The deets

Our work together lasts 4-6 months (16 sessions).

The sessions are 1 hr long done virtually.

You are supported throughout our time together through audio, video or text.

The investment is $2500+hst. This can be paid upfront and you’ll save the HST, or in instalments in whatever way works and is sustainable for you.

Payment is done through e-transfer.

Get a hold of ya girl

email annettenpapa@gmail.com

Book a consultation, this is a 30 min complimentary call where we figure out where you are and where you want to be and how coaching *might* help get you there faster.

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