I’m Annette Papa!

I help folks get unstuck in their bodies and lives.

As a former personal trainer and flight attendant I know two things very well… movement and stress.

If you’ve struggled to find peace and joy in your body and life, I can help.

Using movement, nervous system reset techniques, and mindset work, together we create the life you want at the pace you can sustain.

Let’s get personal.

Hi, I am Annette Papa. My pronouns are she/her. I’m a white, cis gendered, queer 39 yr old female. I am a Canadian born Virgo babe living in Toronto, Ontario. I have a 5 year old human who makes me laugh the most but also cry the most…holy crap having kids is hard.

For the past eight and a half years I have been a flight attendant for the airline WestJet. After a few traumatic flights and watching my fellow crew members be negatively affected I started to get really curious about the connection that stress has on our brains and our bodies and what we can do about it.

In the past I have struggled with binge eating and body dysmorphia. I grew up Catholic, and spent my teen to early 30’s a devoted Christian. I’m currently unpacking some deeply ingrained thoughts around “purity culture” and being “the good girl”. These days I see myself as deeply spiritual, I absolutely believe is something bigger then myself and am wildly content finding Spirit in myself, my body, nature, music, art, poetry, connection, and other humans.

These days I’m playing piano or ukulele, creating abstract art with my small human, twirking in the kitchen or planning my next advenutre.

Since I’ve started coaching I’ve clocked over 750 hours. It is by far the closest thing to a dream job I’ve ever experienced. If we end up working together, hold on. My clients see big changes, in small sustainable ways. It’s just amazing the magic we create together.

Foundational beliefs

Body neutrality - the idea that the body (and the sum of its parts) is neither “good” or “bad” but neutral.

Heath At Every Size (HAES) - The belief that bodies at any size can be healthy.

Solidly uphold and support the LGBTQ++ community.

Privilege - As a white, tall, societally attractive, straight sized, cis-settlor, I acknowledge the privilege these labels afford me.

Mindset - While I hold that mindset shifts to be a pillar in my coaching practice, I also acknowledge that due to past history and trauma, mindset shifts are not the be all and the end all.

Scope of practise - As a coach I work with the present. I find actionable things you can do moving forward. While I consider myself to be trauma informed, therapists are the ones trained to unpack and walk through trauma.  If we happen to dive back into something traumatic or touch on it, I may suggest you pause coaching and begin to see someone more suited to walk you through your past as it is out of my scope of practise.

Work with me!

I work with clients on a 1:1 basis.  I coach virtually so good luck, anywhere you are, we can coach!

Before we begin we need to get to know each other. This is our opportunity to see if we are a good fit.

The consult is YOUR time to tell me where you are and where you want to be, and I’ll show you how coaching can get you there faster.

Regardless if you decide to move forward with coaching you will walk away feeling more unstuck.

Can’t wait to connect with you!

What my people are saying

I’ve tried every type of “healing” modality you can think of. I hadn’t thought about coaching before Annette gave me an intro session. I had worked with Annette before with personal training and could tell that her new approach with coaching was different from our sessions before.

In fact, my body was much more responsive to the mentoring and movement techniques then when we only focused on lifting heavy things. She did this by getting me to feel safe enough to come home to my body again. With her ability to hold space and ask the right questions, I was able to work through the "stuckness" I felt in my hip. She helped me understand some core issues and move through the "stuckness" in a way that ended up being more than just hip pain. Her ability to tease out the connection between the body and mind is brilliant and fun at the same time.

I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is READY to come home to their body, wanting to treat your body as friend and who are tired of the stillness of pain. Time to move through life by moving your body. Annette can help you get there with her resilient empathy and energetic light.

-Jenn H

Working with Annette has given me the space to be neutral and gentle with myself especially with the things I was most hard on myself for. I’ve been down many different avenues to find support and guidance, and this is by far my favourite. Annette is so well-versed in many different areas that she just naturally creates space to be patient, loving, open and honest with yourself. As Annette guides me through our sessions I feel like she’s almost a reflection of myself. I feel so safe and cared for that being vulnerable just flows. Starting to work Annette has been a huge step in the right direction and I can’t thank her enough.

-Willow L

Video testimonial on Instagram

-Ashleigh T


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